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Gladys Ricart’s Tragic Tale of Love, Obsession and Murder



Heartbreak is an experience universal to humanity, yet love – an intense yet sublime emotion – can often be misunderstood as simply attraction. Obsession may escalate out of control and lead to horrific crimes such as the recent murder of Gladys Ricart by her former beau; a shocking video has recently surfaced depicting their violent act and how this affected those who witnessed it. This article delves further into these tragic events that unfolded and explores their impactful story.

Gladys Ricart’s Viral Video: A Tragedy Awaits Her

Gladys Ricart

Gladys Ricart

The video that captures the moments leading up to Gladys Ricart’s tragic death has gone viral and generated wide-ranging responses from viewers. She was planning on getting married, yet tragically had her special day cut short due to an ex-lover’s obsession. Many viewers were saddened and shocked, calling on social media platforms to remove the disturbing footage.

Murder Scene: A Day That Turned Deadly

As seen in the video, Gladys was fatally shot while preparing to marry James Preston Jr in her living room. Law enforcement arrived on scene to investigate after being informed of this incident. They found that Gladys’ former partner had shot her multiple times from behind her living room window.

An Incident With an Envious Ex-Partner

Gladys was in the midst of giving bouquets to her bridesmaids when her former lover entered and shot her dead. This horrific murder is depicted on “Primal Instinct: Red Wedding,” an episode of Investigation Discovery that follows this case to its resolution. Gladys, from Ridgefield, New Jersey was looking forward to her big day until it tragically ended abruptly due to their former lover.

Revisiting A 1999 Tragedy Resurfaces

Although this tragic tale took place back on September 26, 1999, streaming platforms have brought this tragic account back into focus. At just 39-years-old Gladys was about to enter a chapel to begin her new life with her partner; unfortunately however, events unfolded which led to her untimely demise at the hands of one of her former lovers.


Gladys Ricart’s tragic story serves as an eye-opening illustration of the perilous consequences associated with obsession and jealousy. Her video can be seen circulating online, leaving viewers to come face-to-face with the harsh truth that even moments of happiness can quickly turn tragic. After such an event has unfolded, it is imperative that everyone recognize the distinction between love and obsession, while always remaining vigilant against potential harm to themselves or others.

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