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Has Nicola Bulleys Husband Paul Ansell Been Arrested? | Latest Update



Paul Ansell Arrested

In Online world, there has been talk that Nicola Bulley’s husband may have been involved in her death and that he has been arrested by the police. To determine if these social media rumors hold any water, we conducted our own analysis on her case as well as examined police reports pertaining to it.

Is Nicolas Bulley Husband Arrested?

On January 27th 2023, 45 year-old mother Nicola Bulley mysteriously vanished, garnering much media and social media coverage. Law enforcement conducted an intensive search, whereupon law enforcement discovered her body in a river; speculation then circulated regarding both her disappearance and possible cause of her demise; some blamed Paul Ansell as possible suspects for this matter. 

Nicolas Bulley Husband

Nicolas Bulley Husband

Paul Ansell, 44, was interviewed by police during their investigation and never considered as a suspect. They confirmed he worked from home the day Nicola disappeared; some social media users still claim he is responsible. To date no official statement has been issued to confirm such allegations. 

Paul Ansell arrested

Paul Ansell arrested

Ansell’s friend has spoken out and encouraged people not to make damaging and baseless allegations about him. According to them, Ansell was innocent of any involvement with his wife Nicola’s disappearance; police investigation showed she fell in the river while walking with her dog and no malicious act took place in relation to that fall. Their mutual work environment showed CCTV footage depicting Paul at home on that date as well as law enforcement authorities not considering him a suspect.

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