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Hearts On Ice May 5 2023 full episode | Recent Updates



Hearts On Ice May 5 2023 full episode

Hearts On Ice May 5 2023 full episode

As with any show or series, every episode leaves viewers on an exciting cliffhanger, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next one to air. Hearts on Ice has definitely done just this! Now airing on Philippine television, this drama sports romance series keeps audiences guessing with every new episode that airs.

Episode 37 With 36 episodes already airing, viewers eagerly anticipated Episode 37 aired on May 5th 2023.

Enzo Started Courting Ponggay

Hearts On Ice May 5 2023 full episode | Enzo Started Courting Ponggay | Gossipheadlines

Episode 37 saw Enzo (Xian Lim) pursue Ponggay (Ashley Ortega). However, for those unfamiliar with the show and who haven’t watched yet, let’s briefly recap its plotline.

The Plotline

Hearts on Ice is the tale of Ponggay, who longs to fulfill her mother’s broken dream of becoming a figure skating champion. Despite suffering a leg impairment, Ponggay works hard and never gives up her goal in order to earn validation and love from her mother.

Her music provides motivation that leads her towards meeting Enzo online – the series only becomes more captivating thanks to him! However, drama remains ever present with this series, garnering it an IMDb rating of 7.1/10!

Watch it Online

Although Hearts on Ice is often available in its original language, some websites stream it in English for you to enjoy watching Ponggay strive towards her dreams and make her mother proud through many hardships and triumphs. It’s sure to keep your attention!

Don’t Miss This Series

Do Not Miss Hearts on Ice Have you watched Hearts on Ice yet? Now is the time to give it a go and experience its captivating tale of hardship, passion, and determination as its main protagonist goes through life-altering experiences. So what are you waiting for? Give this series a chance now and become hooked!

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