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His Hand Was Cut Off By A Sword For Stopping Him From Speeding | Latest Updates




His Hand Was Cut Off By A Sword For Stopping Him From Speeding

Brutal Attack in Jodhpur: Miscreants Sever Hand in Dispute Over Speeding and Bike Stunts

Recently in Jodhpur, Rajasthan – after a disagreement over speeding and bike stunts – miscreants attacked an individual with swords, cutting off his hand after assaulting family members who intervened to stop the attacks. The injured person is currently receiving care at Jodhpur AIIMS hospital.

On receiving this report, police quickly arrived on scene and initiated their investigation. Manohar Singh (55 years old), from Shastri Nagar police station area has been identified as the victim and will undergo further treatment.

Lethal Attack to Stop Stunts

Lethal Attack to Stop Stunts

Manohar Singh Rahul of New Powerhouse Road began the confrontation when he stopped a group of bikers including Rahul Meena for racing and performing dangerous stunts on public roads. An argument ensued between Manohar and these youths that eventually escalated and turned violent.

Yogendra Singh Chowdhury, officer-in-charge of Shastri Nagar police station, claimed that a group of miscreants stormed into Manohar Singh’s residence and viciously beat him with swords and clubs, hurting him and his family members who intervened.

Register Case against the Suspect

Police have initiated multiple cases against Jai Sargara, Sandeep, Rahul Meena and Sunny for various offenses; Rahul Meena is believed to be associated with Lovely Kandara gang and already has several open cases at other police stations against him.

One individual involved has been detained by police while search for those still alleged is still ongoing. This incident has caused widespread concern throughout the region.

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