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How did Emmad Irfani’s son Zaviyaar die? Know Everything About The Death Reason



Pakistani actor and model Emmad Irfani and his wife, Maryam Irfani, are currently grieving the tragic loss of their son, Zaviyaar Irfani. This devastating news was shared by Maryam Irfani on Instagram, leaving Emmad’s fans deeply saddened. The cause of Zaviyaar’s passing has not been disclosed yet.

How did Emmad Irfani’s son Zaviyaar die?

Emmad Irfani’s son Zaviyaar die

Emmad Irfani is known for his successful career in both acting and modeling. He has worked in several TV series and commercials for domestic and foreign companies. Despite his popularity and success, Irfani tries to keep his personal life private. However, he occasionally shares moments with his family on his Instagram page.

The passing of Zaviyaar Irfani has left his parents heartbroken and beyond comprehension. Many people believe that Maryam Irfani is a showbiz personality because of her attractiveness, but she is actually a dedicated housewife. Maryam and Emmad Irfani got married in 2010 and have since raised a happy family.

Emmad Irfani’s son

Shanzaay Sheikh, a friend of Emmad Irfani and the editor-in-chief of People Pakistan, shared the heartbreaking news of Zaviyaar’s passing on her Instagram story. She offered her condolences and wrote, “Zaviyaar Irfani, son of a dear friend @emmadirfani, passed away. Cannot gather me. It’s ‘Aulad sai baar koi dukh nahi'”. The funeral prayer for Zaviyaar reportedly took place on the eve of May 14, 2023.


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Emmad Irfani’s supporters are shocked by the news and are offering their condolences to the grieving family. It’s a tough time for Emmad and his family, but they have the support of their fans and friends. The loss of a child is a tragedy no parent should ever have to endure.

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