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Is Chael Sonnen Arrested? The Shocking Arrest of a Former UFC Fighter Sends Social Media Into Frenzy



Chael Sonnen Arrested

Chael Sonnen Arrested

Chael Sonnen, Former UFC Fighter Arrested in Las Vegas

News of former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen’s arrest in Las Vegas has shocked and bemused many people, leading many to seek information regarding this case.

According to reports, Sonnen has been charged with 11 counts of battery – including one felony count of strangulation – from an incident on December 18th 2022 in Las Vegas.

Sonnen, 44 years old and living in Las Vegas, had previous encounters with law but this Latest News story has garnered much media coverage due to the controversy.

Chael Sonnen Arrested

Chael Sonnen Arrested

After five battery citations issued in January were initially dismissed without prejudice, the Clark County district attorney filed a new criminal complaint with Las Vegas justice court on March 16, 2023 against Sonnen.

Sonnen had been working as an MMA analyst for ESPN; however, as part of an investigation into his case details he will no longer appear on their programming.

Chael Sonnen Arrested

Chael Sonnen Arrested

Experts claim Sonnen was responsible for punching one man, kicking two others, punching three in the face before punching four more and hitting fiveth one with his elbow.

Sonnen is best known for his longtime rivalry with former middleweight champion Anderson Silva; however, details regarding this case are still developing and will be available here shortly. Stay tuned for further updates regarding this evolving story!

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