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Is Drake “Dead” or “Still Alive”? Death News Hoax Trending On Social Media



As various posts by users hve shown in recent years, social media can be a dangerous place for celebrities. This past week, it appeared that news of the death of Canadian rapper Drake was circulating. The rumors caused panic amongst Drake’s fans. But was the news true? Absolutelly not. There were no legitimate sources reporting the death of the Grammy-winning singer. The false rumors misled his fans, who were searching for news about Drake.

What happened to Drake’s?

Drake's Death

Drake is always in the top searches on the Internet, but he has recently been in the news because of rumors about his death. We are here to dispel all the rumors that have been going around. Fans do not need to worry as Drake is still alive.

False News on Social Media

Drake is not the first renowned personality to fall prey to death hoaxes on social networking sites. Others who have been falsely reported as dead on social media include, but are not limited to, Lionel Messi, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Holland, and many more. You can check his Instagram profile mentioned below.


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What sparked the rumors about Drake’s Death


Our sources claim that #RIPDrake was trending for several hours on Twitter. The hashtag #RIPDrake was trending on Twitter for many hours, according to our sources. This led internet users to believe the rapper died and they began searching for further information. Internet users know that rumors can spread fast and become outlandish.


Everyone should not blindly believe what they see on social media. Everyone should only follow legitimate sources and verify all claims on social media.

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