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Is Jayson Tatum Married? Everything to Know About His Girlfriend & Relationship Status



Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum

Are You Wondering If Jayson Tatum Is Married? Fans of professional basketball player Jayson Tatum may have long speculated as to his marital status; we provide all the details in this article on this issue so continue reading to gain all the insight into him that you need.

Who Is Jayson Tatum’s Wife?

Jayson Tatum's Wife

Jayson Tatum’s Wife

At 21, Jayson Tatum remains unmarried but in a long-term romantic relationship, with fans eagerly awaiting its conclusion. Hailing from Missouri, Tatum has accomplished much in his basketball career while representing his nation at various platforms.

Details Regarding Jayson’s Relationships

Reports regarding Tatum’s relationship status vary; some indicate he’s single while others claim he has been involved with someone. Reports claim Tatum may be dating Ella Mai, and attended her concert in Baltimore. While his basketball skills may be incredible, he has struggled in past relationships like Smaie Amos who accused Tatum of betraying her on social media.

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