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Is Mikey Williams Arrested? Gun-charged Memphis recruit



Mikey Williams Arrested

Mikey Williams Arrested

Mikey Williams, one of Memphis Basketball’s 20 Recruits and one of its newest signees, was recently arrested on multiple felony charges and his arrest has left many shocked and confused. Here’s everything you should know about this headline.

Who Is Mikey Williams?

Mikey Williams Arrested

Mikey Williams Arrested

Mikey Williams is one of the top guard prospects for the 2023 recruiting class and enjoys millions of followers on social media. News of his arrest came as an unexpected shock to many and caused ripples to spread through cyberspace quickly.

What Are the Charges Against Him?

Mikey Williams Arrested

According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Office, Mikey Williams was charged with felony weapon charges following his alleged use of firearms against a car parked nearby. No one was reported injured during this incident.

Mikey Williams may currently be behind bars

Mikey Williams Arrested

Mikey Williams was released from jail the morning following his arrest on a bond of $50,000, leaving many fans shocked and anxious for what effect this might have on his Memphis Basketball career. At present there is no further information regarding this development.

As this story progresses, we will provide updates as new information becomes available.

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