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Is Mikki Mase Arrested? Scandal And Controversy Surrounding Cheating



As news of Mikki Mase’s arrest has circulated rapidly, many have become curious to understand more. Follow this account for complete updates regarding this situation.

Mikki Mase, also known by his Instagram handle @dirtygothboi, is a social media influencer best known for his gambling experiences online and jail time as a teenager. However, after changing his focus towards business he started his YouTube channel where he has amassed 8.12k subscribers.


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However, Mase has been involved with selling drugs and has had to serve time in jail as a result. Due to his prominent position in high-stakes gambling circles, he has become well known for offering his opinions regarding casino scandals in interviews.

Mikki Mase’s Arrest: What Really Happened?

Mase’s video recently went viral as he described a casino scandal. Allegedly, Mase witnessed numerous instances in which cheating occurred at different times at this casino and that its interface provided false information to the players – this may explain his expulsion from Vegas as well as being arrested shortly afterwards.

How much money is Mikki Mase Net worth?


Mase is estimated to have an estimated net worth of approximately $10 Million. He has made millions off gambling, living an extravagant life on social media while celebrating all that he’s achieved – though how much of this wealth originates from illegal activities remains unclear.

Though no official information regarding Mase’s arrest exists, his past involvement in illegal activities and his lack of compliance have likely contributed to his current predicament.

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