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Jet Boat Accident Nz: 3 Injured, 4 Helicopters Fly Into Secluded Canterbury Area



Jet Boat Accident Nz

Jet Boat Accident in Canterbury Leaves Five Severely Injured

Reports of a jet boat accident in Canterbury has sent shockwaves through New Zealand and globally, leaving five people seriously injured and drawing widespread interest from around the globe. We have managed to gather reliable information from various reports on this incident so our readers are kept informed and up-to-date; read on for confirmed details or scroll down this page for additional details.

Maritime NZ Receives Distress Signal Identifying Three Injured

Jet Boat Accident Nz

At approximately 2pm on 21 December 2012, Maritime NZ received a distress beacon alert from Rangitata River reporting three injuries sustained during a jet boat accident. Their victims experienced head and spine trauma along with broken legs; emergency services quickly responded and upon their arrival two additional injured individuals were discovered on scene – for more details please continue reading below.

All Five Victims Have Been Transported Via EMS Helicopters to Christchurch Hospital

Jet Boat Accident Nz

All five victims were transported by emergency medical service helicopters to Christchurch Hospital. Additionally, two additional people were also airlifted there via one RCCNZ helicopter and another Hato Hone St John AirDesk helicopter, according to Maritime NZ. Stay tuned for updates.

Boat Involved Was Part of Group of Seven Jet Boats

Jet Boat Accident Nz

Maritime NZ confirmed that none of the other jet boats involved were involved in the incident, while St John Ambulance reported two of five victims were in serious condition, one was moderate and two minor. Stay tuned on this website for further updates and details about this tragic event.

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