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Jodi Santella Williams: Joseph A Hardy III’s Fifth Wife



Jodi Santella Williams was married to Joseph A. Hardy III, founder and CEO of 84 Lumber Company and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, for five years before marrying in 2014 with whom they had one child together. Here is an article detailing their lives together.

Early Life and Career Strategies

Jodi Santella Williams was born October 22nd 19653, however there is not much information available about her early life, education or career – likely as she chose not to attract media attention during this period.

Marriage of Joseph A. Hardy III

Jodi Santella Williams met Joseph A. Hardy III, a billionaire businessman and philanthropist, in 2014 and they married on November 21, 2014. At that time Hardy was 91 and Williams 49; during their union they welcomed JJ Alexander Hardy as their son.

Hardy had eight children from his previous marriages, beginning with Dorothy Pierce whom he married in 1944 and divorced in 1998, having five together including Maggie Hardy Knox who now serves as President of 84 Lumber Company12. Hardy then divorced Debra Maley whom he had two daughters with (Taylor and Paige), whom he divorced again in 2007.

Kristin Georgi, a salon staffer from Nemacolin Woodlands Resort was his third partner which they married and divorced shortly thereafter. Rebecca Davis became his fourth partner whom he married 2009 before finally divorcing again a year later.

Williams and Hardy lived together in Farmington, Pennsylvania, where they owned Nemacolin Woodlands Resort; an opulent resort featuring golf courses, spa services, restaurants and casinos1. In addition to this property they owned the 84 Lumber Company which was one of the leading privately-held building materials providers in America1.

Joseph A. Hardy III died

Joseph A. Hardy III passed away at 100 on January 7th 2023 surrounded by family and friends in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. His legacy included business success, philanthropy and generosity as evidenced by millions of dollars donated towards education, health care, arts & sports initiatives he supported throughout his lifetime. Joseph also served on both University of Pittsburgh & Washington & Jefferson College boards of trustees before his passing.

Williams has yet to release any public statement regarding her late husband’s passing or plans for the future, though Forbes estimates his fortune at $2.6 billion. Williams may inherit most of it and plans remain unclear at this time.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Who Is Jodi Santella Williams?

A: Jodi Santella Williams is Joseph A. Hardy III’s fifth and final wife; he founded and serves as CEO of both 84 Lumber Company and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Q: When did Jodi Santella Williams and Joseph A. Hardy III marry?

A: Jodi Santella Williams married Joseph A. Hardy III on November 21, 2014.

Q: How old was Jodi Santella Williams when she married Joseph A. Hardy III?

A: Jodi Santella Williams was 49 when she married Joseph A. Hardy III at age 91.

Q: How many children did Jodi Santella Williams and Joseph A. Hardy III have together?

A: Jodi Santella Williams had one son with Joseph A. Hardy III named JJ Alexander Hardy.

Q: Where did Jodi Santella Williams live with Joseph A. Hardy III?

A: Jodi Santella Williams lived with Joseph A. Hardy III in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

Q: What was Jodi Santella Williams’ occupation?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have much information available regarding Jodi Santella Williams’ career or occupation.

Q: Is Jodi Santella Williams still alive?

A: As of January 2023, Jodi Santella Williams is still alive.

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