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KaliYugi Mother! The Girl Gave birth to a Child in Virginity, an Innocent 5-Month-Old Was Killed & Throw The Body Into Narmada River



Mother Kills 5-Month-Old

Mother Kills 5-Month-Old

Kaliyugi Mother Kills 5-Month-Old Infant and Discards Body in Narmada River

Mothers serve as our first teachers in life and it is essential that we have one in our lives to guide us along our journeys. Unfortunately, in Madhya Pradesh’s Dindori district a Kaliyugi mother killed her 5-month-old baby at Kotwali police station area before dumped their body into Narmada river; 20 kilometers downstream the body was discovered on shores near Narmada river bank; she has since been arrested on charges of murder by police who are currently investigating this matter.

Mother Kills baby

Mother Kills baby

Two days ago, on July 17, the police received information that a woman had stoned her five-month-old infant to death at her residence in Ward No.6 and later dumped his body into Narmada river half a kilometer away due to flooding. Police divers conducted extensive searching efforts until finally finding it on Narmada beach located 20 km away in Keolari village.

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5-Month-Old Was Killed

5-Month-Old Was Killed

Reports indicate that the accused mother, identified only as being single and disapproved of by family members since her birth, lived with them but none of them were present on the day of the killing; instead she was alone when she killed Kaliyugi’s child, breaking what has long been considered sacred mother-son bonds in society and creating shockwaves across the region. Locals have since discussed this horrific act.

mother throw baby in river

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