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Kanjhawala case: Nidhi From Eyewitness to Suspect Everything You Need To Know



Kanjhawala case

Murky Details Surrounding Anjali’s Death

Since the New Year’s Eve incident in Kanjhawala, Delhi’s capital city, details regarding Anjali’s death remain murky. 11 days have passed since her demise but still no satisfactory information from Outer Delhi District Police has been given to either Anjali’s family or to the public about what occurred; due to perceived loopholes in their investigation the court has cross-examined findings made by police; Nidhi, whom police heavily relied upon as an eyewitness, now falls under suspicion which has led to further disillusion with regards to their ability handle sensitive cases by police.

Nidhi Becomes a Suspect in Investigation

Kanjhawala case

Gossipheadlines India conducted an investigation and discovered evidence indicating that Nidhi has become a suspect for the Outer Delhi District Police.

At first, no consideration of her involvement had been considered by them; however, media reports and the Agra District Police in Uttar Pradesh have highlighted Nidhi’s arrest on drug smuggling charges; prompting an increased questioning by them aimed at finding any discrepancies or holes in their investigation process.

Doubts Over Investigative Capabilities

Kanjhawala case

Nidhi raised claims of Anjali being drunk the night of her death, leading to an accident; these allegations have since been disproven by Anjali’s autopsy report and Nidhi spent 15 days in Agra Jail before being released with charges on May 15th; now it appears Nidhi may not have been reliable as either witness or victim; raising questions over their investigative capabilities as well as possible use of questionable sources by police investigators.

Concerns over Mishandling of Nidhi’s Arrest and Witness Role

Kanjhawala case

LN Rao of Delhi Police Special Cell believes that mishandling of Nidhi’s arrest and appearance as a witness may have serious repercussions in court. If representing Nidhi’s family instead, Rao would cross-examine such witnesses before offering testimony in court and demand they not accept her testimony.

Each case differs but Rao holds that witnesses with questionable character can alter its outcome and create additional difficulty for both investigating agencies and officers involved.

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