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Latest Updates What Happened To Ryan Waller? $15 Million Lawsuit And Documentary



What happended Ryan Waller has made headlines and people are eager to know more about what happened. Here, we offer an in-depth account of this unfortunate incident; stay tuned for more info!

His Background in Court Ryan Waller

What Happened To Ryan Waller?

Ryan Waller and Heather Quan were shot during a home invasion on December 20, 2006. Police quickly identified him as a suspect for possibly having shot his partner and began interrogating him without providing medical treatment – even though according to reports they had only been dating each other for 8 months prior.

At the time of his shooting, Waller had just graduated high school while Quan was attending college with roommate Alicia in Phoenix. Two years after the incident, Waller filed a $15 Million suit against San Francisco Police Department alleging medical harm caused during interrogation and delay.

Waller’s Lawsuit Outcome

What Happened To Ryan Waller? $15 Million Lawsuit And Documentary

Three weeks after filing his lawsuit, Waller’s claims were disallowed by the court on the basis that no police interrogation violations took place and that any delays in receiving medical care did not worsen his injury. Ryan’s family and a brain surgeon examining him strongly disagreed with these findings and in fact reported bleeding and swelling to potentially result in catastrophic brain damage; furthermore there were accusations of corruption from police officials who cancelled Waller’s lawsuit in order to protect themselves from litigation.


Ryan Waller’s tale illustrates the injustice that can happen even to innocent individuals. Although Ryan was treated as a victim himself, he was treated like an accuser during interrogation and mistreated during interrogation. Although Ryan survived being shot himself, unfortunately Quan did not. Unfortunately, her case wasn’t thoroughly investigated so that Quan could receive the justice that she deserved.

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