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Lidia Thorpe Video CCTV Footage strip club meltdown Filmed During Verbal Argument | Laest Updates



Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe’s Infamous Video Goes Viral: Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe is one of the trending topics on the web due to her viral video, with netizens flocking to watch it and demand increasing for details regarding it. We have all of this information at our fingertips about Lidia Thorpe’s video; in this article we provide answers for any pertinent queries related to it so you don’t need to search any further for answers – follow it until the end and learn all you need!

Lidia Thorpe’s Video Surfaces on Internet

According to reports, Lidia Thorpe recorded her expletive-filled video during an incident over the weekend and it has since been watched by thousands online. Her colleagues have suggested she accept responsibility for her actions but what exactly happened in this clip remains unknown – keep reading below to learn more!

Lidia Thorpe’s Video Strip Club Meltdown Filmed during Verbal Argue

Independent senator Lidia Thorpe was recently caught on film having an altercation outside a nightclub in Melbourne during a verbal altercation with several men. In the video footage, Lidia can be seen shouting at one individual while making derogatory remarks about their genital size – all without using appropriate language! This incident apparently happened shortly after she attempted to gatecrash a rally outside Parliament House and stop Mardi Gras parades in Sydney; watch our website video footage for yourself to witness this eventful encounter for yourself!

Lidia Thorpe Video CCTV Footage strip club | Gossipheadlines

After watching the video, Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie commented that Lidia Thorpe should take responsibility for her actions. She stated, “when you put yourself into such an unsafe situation and late at night – when politicians sometimes mess up – taking responsibility is crucially important”. Meanwhile, Nationls MP Barnaby Joyce offered his condolences over Lidia Thorpe’s situation.

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