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Liyana Jasmay Meninggal: Liyana Jasmay’s Mother Succumbs to Cancer



Liyana Jasmay Meninggal

Liyana Jasmay Meninggal

Liyana Jasmay Mourns the Passing of Her Cherished Mother

Liyana Jasmay, an actress and singer known for her dazzling performances on stage and screen, is mourning the passing of her beloved mother Datin Habsah Simpon at age 66 on May 12, 2023 at approximately 8:30 am.

Since news of Habsah Simpon’s death broke out, many have taken to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to offer their condolences and express their sorrow for her passing. Many questions still surround her passing – read on to gain more information.

Why Did Habsah Simpon Die?

Liyana Jasmay Meninggal

Habsah Simpon had been suffering from stage four lymphoma cancer for an extended period. Unfortunately, she ultimately succumbed to it and passed away.

Who Announced Habsah Simpon’s Death?

Liyana Jasmay Meninggal

Norhazwani Jamil, Liyana Jasmay’s manager, announced her mother Habsah Simpon had passed away. Jamil revealed she had been admitted to Aidilfitri due to her worsening health before being transported back home HKL for care.

Jamil noted, “This ghost had lymphoma cancer and only his closest family was aware. However, his condition grew increasingly serious over the course of two weeks and he was admitted to HKL two weeks ago. When things became distressful for the spirit, Dr. Jamil summoned all family members in order to visit them before his passing peacefully at 8.30 this morning alongside children.”

What Are My Burial Arrangements?

Liyana Jasmay Meninggal

According to reports, Habsah Simpon’s remains were brought for prayer at Al-Iman Mosque at Kemensah Heights in Hulu Klang before burial at Islamic Cemetery of Kemensah Village after Friday prayers.

As Liyana Jasmay and her family mourn her mother’s passing, we offer our sincerest sympathies.

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