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Meet Jack Teixeira’s Parents




Meet Jack Teixeira's Parents

Jack Teixeira’s parents both served in the military. His stepfather retired after 34 years in the Army as a master sergeant, including service in Air National Guard 102nd Intelligence Wing where his son was arrested Thursday.

His mother has supported several nonprofits serving veterans, according to her LinkedIn profile and public records. Additionally, she owns a flower business and hosts free floral-arranging workshops.

His Father

Jack Teixeira, 21, is a cyber transport systems journeyman at Otis Air National Guard Base in Cape Cod with Massachusetts Air National Guard and holds top security clearance to administer internet infrastructure linking military units around the globe.

Airman Dufault appears to have the support of both his parents, despite being arrested for leaking classified documents. Dawn Dufault runs a flower business out of their North Dighton home and has worked for various veteran-focused nonprofit organizations throughout her life, according to public records and LinkedIn profiles.

Her stepfather, Thomas Dufault, retired from military service after 34 years as master sergeant of 102nd Intelligence Wing where her stepson served. Since 2017 both families have lived together in one single-family home where Dufault works as a flower grower; his daughter often posts photos of them both and other members on Facebook.

His Mother

Dawn Dufault, Jack Teixeira’s mother, runs a flower farm and horticultural business from her North Dighton residence. Additionally, Dawn works with numerous veteran-focused nonprofits in the area according to online profiles and public documents.

Dufault’s son joined the Air National Guard as a cyber transport systems journeyman in September 2019 at Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod, eventually being promoted to airman first class by July of 2022.

This 21-year-old soldier held top security clearance as part of his position with the 102nd Intelligence Wing, giving him access to classified military intelligence through the Defense Department’s global communications network. Additionally, they were required to sign a lifetime non-disclosure agreement which contained criminal charges should any breaches occur.

Just hours after her son was arrested on allegations of leaking classified military intelligence, Dufault informed reporters outside her home that her son must obtain legal representation immediately if things continue as they have. “He needs an attorney if things continue as they have,” she declared.

His Stepfather

Jack Teixeira is a 21-year-old member of the Air National Guard in North Dighton, Massachusetts who was arrested at his parents’ home for leaking classified documents online. His mother Dawn operates Bayberry Farm and Flower Co, running regular posts about Jack on its Facebook page about how he’s finishing tech school and working overnight shifts at Cape Cod bases that host the 102nd Intelligence Wing.

His stepfather, Thomas Dufault, retired from the military after 34 years of service and holds pilot, mechanic and real estate licenses according to online records. Additionally, he served as a police officer before retiring. On Thursday during a hearing regarding Teixeira’s release he stated he will closely supervise him and report any violations to authorities immediately if needed. Teixeira can stay with his son in Dighton but does not have access to internet or guns.

His Siblings

Jack Michael Teixeira comes from an esteemed military family background. His stepfather retired after 34 years of service as master sergeant of Jack Michael Teixeira’s unit 102nd Intelligence Wing; while his mother worked with veteran-focused non-profits and the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services. According to American media outlets and LinkedIn, this young soldier enjoys strong family support as well as strong military service credentials.

Airman Andrew Haines from North Dighton, Massachusetts was arrested Thursday for leaking classified US information online through Cyber Transport Systems department of the Guard’s 102nd Intelligence Wing and could face up to 10 years imprisonment for this act of espionage. Both of his parents live at home with him and run Bayberry Farm & Flower Company – Dawn often posts pictures showing her patriotic spirit online through Bayberry Farm & Flower Company’s flowers business Bayberry Farm & Flower Company.