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What Happened To Rufus? | All You Need To Know



What Happened To Rufus

Last night, viewers witnessed Michael arrive at Rufus’s house only to find it surrounded by police. Rufus later drowned in his swimming pool.

Corrie viewers may never witness how or who murdered Jack, but many already suspect Stephen Reid as the culprit.

Bobby, Sam and Dean visit Rufus’ gravesite where he expresses his hopes that they would hunt together in future.

What Happened To Rufus?

Rufus was a yellow Labrador Retriever living with the Marston family. Known for his tracking abilities and keen sense for always being at just the right place at just the right time, Rufus quickly earned their trust as a member of their pack.

Rufus appears at Bobby’s door during Mission “Trying Again”, asking for help disposing of an okami found in Billings. He claims he knows Crowley, suggesting they could learn something from him. Bobby assists Rufus with burying its body while they engage in conversation regarding their relationship.

Bobby notes during the mission “Love in a Time of Plague” that Rufus never forgave him for what happened with Omaha case and was an invaluable friend. To show this sentimental gesture he pours some Johnnie Walker Blue Label onto Rufus’ grave before sipping some himself; this marks his last appearance in game.

What Happened To Rufus’s Family?

Rufus lost both parents and his sister to a car crash, leaving him in foster care. Malcolm and Tagoe (known to Rufus as “the Plutos”) offered comfort during this difficult period. Additionally, Rufus received visits from Aunt Kate and Uncle Ted – they treated him well, treating them well when visiting Smoky Mountains National Park together.

Rufus returns home after his funeral and finds himself struck by how people seem genuinely curious and respectful towards him, including children who bullied him but are now curious about and even respectful towards his casket. He becomes mystified at all of life’s social conventions surrounding death: for instance, bullying children seem curious about and respectful towards it!

Rufus escapes his premature funeral due to Peck calling the police on him, downloading and connecting with Mateo who will soon die, using Last Friend app and spending their End Day together, helping make Mateo stronger as time progresses. They share this experience together and become stronger together as time progresses.

What Happened To Rufus’s Friends?

Rufus’ friends remain alive in this timeline, thanks to Rufus who intervened to prevent them from being turned over by police – this action also saved Jessica’s life.

Rufus and Mateo share an intimate bond, and Rufus strives to encourage him to take risks and be more daring in life. Together they visit Lidia Vargas – his best friend and mother of his goddaughter Penny; Make-A-Moment virtual reality station to skydive; Evergreen Cemetery where Mateo’s mother rests; Rufus also witnessed Mateo helping bury a dead bird there – where Rufus recognized Mateo’s empathy when watching him bury it.

After some fun at Mateo’s apartment, Michael and Mateo return to Mateo’s room where they declare their deep love for one another before falling into bed together and declaring it aloud. Just before bed, however, Mateo hears someone banging on the window – it’s flashback Stephen trying to kill them both with poison in his swimming pool! Stephen does this to get even with Michael for poaching clients away from his business.

What Happened To Rufus’s Loved Ones?

Rufus’ death has had an enormous effect on his family and friends alike, leaving behind both his daughter and ex-wife who mourn his sudden departure but remain hopeful for a life beyond loss.

Rufus meets Joe on one of his trips back into time. Joe has fair skin and red locks like his father; he is Hagar’s older brother; however, they both express interest in Dana before being parted ways when Joe is sold into slavery.

Mateo, Rufus’ friend who understands what he is facing, encourages Rufus to live life to its fullest on his End Day. They visit Make-A-Moment where they fake skydive; also they visit hospital where Mateo’s dad lies ill – this makes him realize the importance of having good people around you and they say goodbye and leave behind a note for Mateo’s dad before departing each other with love notes for one another and each leave something behind in Mateo’s honor before saying farewell with and leaving behind one last note behind for each other before leaving together forever and leaving behind something important for Mateo’s father (see Note for his Dad for his dad).