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Did Beluga Youtuber Die? Death Hoax Discredited



American YouTuber Beluga

American YouTuber Beluga

American YouTuber Beluga: Dead or Alive?

As reports of American Youtuber Beluga’s death have spread quickly across the web, many are left wondering whether or not it’s true. Beluga, best known for creating Discord Skits and meme videos on his channel, has left followers and fans of his intrigued by news of his passing. Here we address speculations regarding his demise while also answering some important queries related to it – read on for more details!

Who Is Beluga Youtuber?



Beluga, an American YouTuber who began their primary YouTube channel in January 2017 on January 27, has amassed over 4 Million subscribers as of 2023. Beluga creates Discord-related and speed run meme videos as well as speed runs meme videos on his primary account while on his secondary one (Beluga Jr) uploading memes and shorts; recently revealing his face and real name Aretz via social media posts.

Did Beluga Youtuber Die?



Contrary to numerous reports and rumors, there is no concrete proof that Beluga Youtuber has passed away. No credible source has mentioned anything to support such claims; therefore we believe he remains alive and healthy and debunk any rumors to that effect. You can check Beluga’s activity log on social media to verify his existence if necessary.

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