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What Does ‘Onika Burger’ Mean? Demystifying The Meme Phenomenon



What Does 'Onika Burger' Mean

What Is the Onika Burger Meme and Why is It Trending on Twitter?

Twitter is an engaging place where people share their opinions on relevant issues, while also being an arena for controversy and drama. Recently, one particular meme started trending on Twitter before going viral across various other platforms; these days people are curiously searching for “Onika Burger” as part of this mystery trending topic.

What Does Onika Burger Mean?

What Does 'Onika Burger' Mean

The Onika Burger meme refers to a Nicki Minaj joke started on Twitter by user @sexxtbook who claimed she ate too many burgers and was overweight; Nicki’s real name is Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty and this tweet referenced North West eating drawings of Kris Jenner – thus giving rise to several Onika Burger memes within “Stan Twitter”.

What Does “Onika Burger” Denote?

What Does 'Onika Burger' Mean

Pop Base, a pop culture reporter, posted a tweet with an image of North West sketching Kris Jenner from her grandmother Kris’s headshot; this image soon trended across social media sites and went viral.

One user praised North’s skills by commenting, “Why she ate”, while another took this as an opportunity to criticize Nicki Minaj by posting something along these lines: “she=onika ate=burger”, likely intending to body shame her by suggesting she only consumes hamburgers.

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