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Michigan School Bus Driver Passes Out Video Circulated On Internet



Michigan School Bus Driver

Warren residents are celebrating Dillon Reeves, a 13-year-old 7th grade student credited with saving 66 school students’ lives by avoiding an accident during bus travel – Dillon saved them all thanks to his quick thinking and bravery, otherwise, this story might have ended differently.

The Bus Driver’s Medical Emergency

The Bus Driver's Medical Emergency | Gossipheadlines

Reports indicate that the driver of a bus transporting 66 students of Carter Middle School in Warren suddenly experienced a medical emergency while driving. Although she alerted officials of her condition, she continued driving the bus despite not feeling well, placing all on board in danger. When she became unconscious while driving the bus and the vehicle began spinning out of control and headed toward an accident scenario – Dillon Reeves intervened.

Dillon Reeves’ Heroic Actions

Hero' 7th Grader Stops School Bus After Driver Passes Out At Wheel | Gossipheadlines

Dillon Reeves was sitting five rows back when the incident took place and immediately leapt up from his seat to take control of steering and save all 66 students on board. Warren City councilman Jonathan Lafferty had nothing but praise for Dillon’s heroic actions: ‘We at Warren are so very proud of Dillon Reeves; his heroic actions are commendable.” Jonathan Lafferty expressed this by writing that, “the City of Warren is extremely thankful to Dillon Reeves as our 7th Grade Hero! We commend you.” Warren City councilman Jonathan Lafferty offered his thanks: “the City of Warren thanks you Dillon for your heroic actions! We can all thank Dillon from our 7th Grade Hero Dillon Reeves!”

The Aftermath

Dillon’s quick thinking saved everyone on board from danger and has since been released as video footage showing the incident shows her communicating with officials prior to passing out at the wheel.

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