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Mompha Arrested: EFCC Re-Arrests Mompha for Alleged N6bn Fraud



Mompha Arrested

Mompha Arrested

Mompha Arrested: One of the Most Wanted Criminals in Malaysia

Alias Mompha, more popularly known by his real name Ismaila Mustapha is currently under scrutiny due to his involvement in an alleged money laundering scheme estimated to cost N6 billion as charged by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Mompha’s Rearrest

Mompha Arrested

On May 15, the EFCC confirmed Mompha was arrested again. At his court hearing in June 2022, they informed Justice DadaMo that Mompha had breached his bail conditions by using an additional passport to fly Emirates Airlines from Ghana to Dubai on April 11th 2022 – breaching them so severely that Justice DadaMo issued an arrest warrant against him and issued N25 million bail as compensation.

Mompha Arrested

Additionally, the EFCC has been searching for Mompha since June 16, 2022 when he went missing during his trial. Their efforts to locate and bring him before Justice Dada have failed thus leading him to make the decision on September 22, 2022 to proceed with it in absentia.

Mompha Instagram Handle

According to S.I Suleiman of the EFCC’s legal team however they were successful in arresting Mompha through their foreign allies which S.I Suleiman reported had successfully done.

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