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Moreton Bay College scandal: Girl dragged upstairs, sexually assaulted by a man



Girl Assaulted Sexually

Girl Assaulted Sexually

An Alarming Incident in Brisbane: Moreton Bay College Girl Sexually Assaulted

Brisbane was recently rocked by news that a college girl had been sexually assaulted by students from her own private college, leading to allegations she was assaulted by another student within its confines.
As soon as word spread about what had occurred at school, support poured in for this young lady who shared her experience via social media.

Moreton Bay College is currently at the centre of an alleged scandal surrounding female students claiming they were assaulted by one or more students from Moreton Bay Boys’ College, resulting in both high-priced bayside colleges in Brisbane being thrust under scrutiny and people eagerly awaiting a public response from them.

About Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College

Moreton Bay College, a uniting church school for girls, provides education from early years through year 12. Recognized as one of the highest-performing schools in Brisbane, Moreton Bay Boys’ College stands as an independent boys school located in Manly West Brisbane since 2003 and currently enrolling around 487 pupils with 55 teaching staff members.

Moreton Bay Boys College

Moreton Bay Boys College

Both colleges have been hit with allegations of sexual assault; however, Moreton Bay College administration has yet to release a public statement regarding this incident.

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