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One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers: What Can be Expected From The Chapter?



One Piece Chapter 1084: Expectations and Goals

Now that the events in Mariejois have unfolded, One Piece Chapter 1084 promises to be just as captivating. Fans are excited to witness what transpires between Revolutionary Army members, Admirals, and all those involved with The Reverie events. Eiichiro Oda has earned a reputation for surpassing fan expectations; so it will be interesting to witness his performance once more!

One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers

One Piece

One Piece Ch. 1084 Spoilers

One of the pivotal events in One Piece 1084 is Cobra’s encounter with the Five Elders. A descendant of the 20 Kings himself, Cobra hails from Nefertari Family but did not reside in Mariejois like most. Cobra is considered by other World Nobles to be traitorous while Cobra himself holds up a Poneglyph in Alabasta revealing Pluton’s location.

The Gorosei may have discovered Cobra’s treacherous status and Poneglyph, and are suspected of attempting to have him executed – this will likely become the focus of chapter 1084. Sabo, an influential member of the Revolutionary Army will likely be blamed for his beloved monarch’s demise. One Piece has no known breaks, and fans can expect chapter 1084 to release on May 21, 2023 via either Shonen Jump or Manga Plus apps.

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