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Pacific Ocean Earthquake Today: Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake Strikes 56 Km From Anchorage, Ak, Usa



Pacific Ocean Earthquake Today

Earthquake from Strange Leak in Pacific Ocean Floor

Since 2019, we’ve witnessed numerous natural disasters across multiple countries. Severe tremors and mild earthquakes have affected numerous countries worldwide, and further disasters seem likely. Weather experts have reported on mysterious leaks on the Pacific floor which could trigger massive earthquakes.

Today a Pacific Ocean earthquake took place this afternoon

Pacific Ocean Earthquake Today

Now this news has aroused widespread curiosity, as people wish to understand whether or not it is real, or another social media hoax by someone to create buzz on social media. Unfortunately, in this instance it appears real as scientists have discovered an unusual leak in the Pacific

Pacific Ocean Earthquake Today

Ocean floor which may eventually result in a devastating earthquake – according to reports, they discovered this near Canada and United States coasts – never witnessed anything similar before.


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