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Sam and Colby Arrested: Why Were They Arrested? The Public Is Curious About Sam And Colby’s Arrest



Sam And Colby fans have expressed an extraordinary amount of curiosity over an incident which occurred to them a couple years ago. Many are searching for information regarding what or why Sam And Colby were arrested. With so many fans wanting more answers about what transpired between Sam And Colby and their arrest, we felt it important to create this article which could inform them on what had occurred between them and their arrest. So keep reading here to discover more!

Sam And Colby’s Background

Sam and Colby Arrested

Sam and Colby Arrested

Before delving deeper into Sam And Colby’s arrest, let’s take a brief glance at who they are and why they have such worldwide appeal. Samuel John “Sam” Golbach and Cole Robert “Colby” Brock are two American YouTubers known for creating hilariously entertaining videos on the platform.

Sam And Colby have embarked upon their YouTube journey as Viners since creating their channel on October 28, 2014. Their first video was uploaded on November 13, 2014.

Sam And Colby are best known for creating challenge videos and skits, however since 2020 they have also started creating Overnight Series and Exploration Series in which they explore abandoned places or other interesting spots.

Sam And Colby’s Arrest

Sam and Colby Arrested

Sam and Colby Arrested

Fans are extremely curious about Sam And Colby’s arrest which occurred in 2019. While exploring an abandoned school in Florida, they were found by authorities and taken into custody by them.

After spending the night in jail, they were released the next morning on bail and took to Twitter to share what had happened and explain their situation. They wrote “Just wanted to let you know we are both safe and okay. After such a lengthy process, Colby’s bond has now been paid and will soon be released; and hopefully both of us should be back home tomorrow!”

Sam And Colby were arrested by authorities for trespassing at an unfinished building when they went in to explore. Their arrest became an Internet phenomenon, prompting social media outrage from fans as it still resonates today – years later.

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