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Sarfire Aashiq Ki Uttaptang Love Story: One Man “Instagram username Aditya Rajput” Arrested for Altering Photos of Katrina Kaif



Man Arrested for Altering Photos of Katrina Kaif

One Man Arrested for Altering Photos of Katrina Kaif

Mumbai police arrested Manvinder Singh, commonly known by his Instagram username Aditya Rajput, for posting defamatory photos and videos featuring Katrina Kaif on his account. These posts revealed the extent of his fascination for Katrina. One video even claimed they got married on December 13, but this proved false.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif filed a formal complaint after seeing an accused’s social media accounts and are currently detaining him pending further proceedings.

Claims filed by the accused

Sarfire Aashiq Ki Uttaptang Love Story

Aditya posted an old video to Instagram featuring him standing in a park with two people and someone from whom Aditya learned of Katrina and her alleged romance many times, and apparently kept their relationship under the radar.

His further claims included that Katrina and her boyfriend got married on December 13 and she will reveal it herself eventually.

Man Arrested for Altering Photos of Katrina

Additionally, in another video uploaded by the accused he claimed Katrina decided to fake marry herself off in Rajasthan because Isabelle Kaif’s life was in jeopardy; consequently she decided to act out her fake wedding drama in Rajasthan and eventually get married there as well – further alleging he even got married himself on the same day!

Vicky and Katrina never married as claimed; his Instagram page continues to contain videos and pictures featuring Katrina that have been edited or changed in some way.

Final Words

man arrested for posting rumours photos about katrina kaif

Whilst Instagram account of the accused was deeply troubling and disturbing, police made the appropriate arrest and we should all remember to respect people’s privacy – particularly celebrities who can become targets for online trolling or overzealous fans.

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