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School Removes Volunteer Over OnlyFans Account: An Unjust Decision?



In a controversial decision, a school in Orange County removed Victoria Triece from their ADDtion volunteer program due to her account on the adult app, OnlyFans. The school argued that Triece’s online content went against societal norms, but this move has raised questions about personal privacy, discrimination, and the rights of individuals to participate in school programs.

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Victoria Triece

The Removal of Victoria Triece from the Volunteer Program

Victoria Triece, a blonde woman, was removed from her volunteer position at an Orange County Public School after her OnlyFans account, where she posted explicit content, was discovered. Shocked by the school’s decision, Triece sought legal help in an attempt to reverse the decision and regain her position in the volunteer program.

Legal Battle Over Participation in School Programs

Triece’s legal team argued that her involvement in sexual activities such as sexting, topless dancing, and posting explicit content on apps should not disqualify her from participating in the school program. However, the lawyer representing the school countered that Triece had no legal right to be part of the program due to her online presence.

Invasion of Privacy and False Allegations

Adding to Triece’s distress, her photos and videos were circulated through email, leading to false allegations that she was distributing her content. An investigation by authorities revealed that Triece operated a subscription service that provided nude photos but did not violate any laws. The official, Najame, also noted that Triece dressed appropriately while at the school.

Fighting for the Rights of Parents

Victoria Triece is suing the school to safeguard herself and other parents.
Many parents may not know where to seek help, and Triece aims to provide a medium of justice for them, ensuring that they do not feel disrespected like she has been.


Despite not violating any rules or laws, Victoria Triece faced undue hardship due to her online profession. The lawsuit she has filed could help protect other parents in similar situations and challenge the notion that an unconventional career should preclude someone from their basic rights. As more details emerge, it is crucial to stay informed and consider the implications of such decisions on personal privacy and discrimination.

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