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Search for Missing Duck Hunter Tyler Doyle Halted: What Occurred?



It can be deeply distressing when someone goes missing, especially when search operations fail to find them. Tyler Doyle, 22, from South Carolina has been missing since January 26th 2023 and despite various attempts from government and volunteer groups alike he has yet to be located.

Recently however one volunteer group, Wings of Hope Search and Rescue called off their search due to unexpected developments; in this article we’ll examine why their search was discontinued as well as what the future holds for his family members.

Tyler Doyle, 22, from South Carolina was last seen going duck hunting with a friend on January 26. Reports state he went missing off Myrtle Beach coast; leaving his family and friends devastated and search operations underway since.

Why was the Search Suspended?

Wings of Hope Search and Rescue recently made public on their Facebook page that they must return home after providing assistance in searching for Tyler Doyle. As an independent non-profit based out of Wisconsin that specializes in aerial and underwater search operations, Wings of Hope provided underwater sonar, cadaver dogs, drones and 3-D imaging technology in their efforts but were ultimately unsuccessful in finding him.

“Sadly, we had to tell Tyler Doyle’s family that there was nothing more we could do as a search and rescue group. My heart goes out to Tyler Doyle’s wife and family.” While their decision likely caused difficulty within the group, it should be noted that all available resources have been exhausted in trying to locate Tyler; other groups and government agencies continue searching for him actively as investigations remain open into what has occurred so far.

What Are My Options Now? Though the Wings of Hope Search and Rescue group has discontinued their search efforts for Tyler Doyle, government agencies and volunteer groups continue searching for him using all available resources. His family and friends also persist.

As Tyler Doyle remains missing, authorities remain on alert and anyone with information should immediately notify them. Tyler’s family have also requested public assistance in finding him; they have created a social media page dedicated to Tyler’s search, sharing updates on the investigation as well as encouraging anyone with knowledge to come forward with that.


Although one of the volunteer groups involved was reluctant to call off their search of Tyler Doyle, that doesn’t signal an end of investigation into his disappearance. Others, both groups and government agencies, and Tyler’s family and friends continue searching for him, doing everything in their power to locate him.

We must remember that Tyler’s disappearance is being probed and that anybody with knowledge must come forward immediately. We wish Tyler well in his search, while sending our thoughts out to them during this trying time.

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