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Shadman Is Arrested for A Weapon Gravated Assault with Lethal



Shadman’s arrest has sent shockwaves through his fan base and followers, leaving many trying to understand why. According to sources, Shadman was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a lethal weapon; news which came as quite a shock as many only knew him as a popular pornographic artist and YouTuber.

Shadman (real name Shaddai Prejean) is a 31-year-old Swiss artist best known for his explicit content. Additionally, he is an influential YouTuber with over 170,ribers000 subscribers since 2010. His videos featuring Elastigirl and Loli have become extremely popular on the web; furthermore he owns multiple websites like Newgrounds and Shadbase in which his art can be displayed.

On November 12 in Glendale California, Shadman was arrested and charged with using an assault weapon, according to social media posts and tweets that confirmed it. Per his charge sheet he had already been arrested on October 23 for an alleged felony assault; however he was later released on bail but its amount remains unclear.

Shadman made headlines previously for arrest incidents related to child pornography charges; after this arrest he decided to end his pornographic career yet remains prominently featured in news headlines due to subsequent arrest incidents.

Shadman Has Been Criticized

For years now, Shadman has come under heavy fire due to his controversial art style and explicit content, leading many to question his moral standards and prompting Dafne Keen’s attorneys temporarily block Shadman’s website in light of accusations that he sketched her inappropriately when sketching 12-year-old Logan star Dafne Keen.


Shadman’s recent arrest for aggravated assault with a lethal weapon has shocked fans and followers alike. Well-known for his explicit content and controversial art style, Shadman has made headlines before for similar arrest incidents; yet details surrounding this arrest remain unknown and additional investigations must take place to understand its circumstances. Only time will tell what path lies ahead for Shadman post these controversys in his career journey.

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