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Stone Foltz and His Girlfriend Maddy Borja: What You Need to Know



Stone Foltz and his girlfriend Maddy Borja have recently made headlines as his family seeks justice for his untimely passing. Stone, a sophomore at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), died due to alcohol intoxication three days after attending an off-campus Pi Kappa Alpha new member initiation that resulted in eight men being charged with hazing; six of those men were then also charged with killing.

Stone’s devastated family is seeking legal recourse from both institutions as well as several individuals in regards to Stone’s untimely passing. They are seeking legal recourse against both BGSU and Pi Kappa Alpha as well as several individuals.

Shari Foltz, Stone’s mother, filed a suit against organizations for his tragic loss. While grieving his death and seeking justice on social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter for Stone’s soul’s salvation. Many people are curious to know more about Maddy Borja – let us take a closer look.

Who was Maddy Borja?

stone foltz

Maddy Borja was Stone Foltz’s girlfriend and the first person to call 911 the evening of the fatal incident. She described Stone’s alcohol consumption, which ultimately lead to his demise. Stone attended an initiation event for Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity where members consumed whole bottles of alcohol before taking him back home where they left him alone until later finding out about him being unconscious and found unconscious.

stone foltz

stone foltz

As part of their investigation, eight former fraternity members were sentenced or plead guilty. Although this is still being addressed in court and by police investigations, two months before Stone’s death his parents filed charges of hazing at Bowling Green University which led to them reaching a $2.9 million settlement agreement for his death. His family will continue seeking justice on his behalf but will never forget his positive influence and remembering him fondly.

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