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The Holderness Family Controversy: What Have They Done?



The Holderness Family are American Internet personalities best known for their Facebook and YouTube channels. The Holdernesses specialize in family-focused parodies, skits and vlogs that have amassed over 5 million subscribers and one billion views combined on these platforms. Their first viral video “XMAS Jammies”, an imitation of Will Smith’s “Miami” that served as their digital Christmas card, made waves online in 2013.

However, the family has also been embroiled in some controversies and scandals over time. Here are some notable ones:

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Parody

The Holderness Family Controversy

In 2017, The Holderness Family released a parody of the 1944 Christmas classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, which has been widely criticized for having lyrics which suggest sexual coercion and date rape. Entitled “Baby, Just GO Outside”, their version changed lyrics so as to be more respectful and consensual; for instance instead of asking what is in this drink? it states instead “I think I see a lime”. Their video served as a humorous response to debate over whether its original song should be banned from radio stations.

However, the parody also attracted criticism from viewers who accused them of being too politically correct and ruining a classic song. Others pointed out that its original purpose wasn’t meant to be taken literally; rather it represented its time period. However, the family stood behind their parody by explaining they weren’t trying to change anyone’s opinion or censor anyone’s music; rather they were simply making fun and making a joke.

Sexual Harassment Song

The Holderness Family Controversy

In 2018, The Holderness Family released another controversial song entitled, “Welcome to Me Too”, inspired by the #MeToo movement which exposed numerous cases of sexual harassment and assault across industries. Kim and Penn shared their own experiences being sexually harassed as journalists before offering support and hope for a brighter future for survivors.

The song received mixed reactions among viewers who appreciated Penn and his family’s courage and honesty in speaking out about an uncomfortable topic, while some others felt the song exploited a serious matter for views and attention. Many also questioned its timing since allegations of sexual misconduct against former NBC anchor Matt Lauer (Penn’s former colleague).

Parodies on COVID-19

As soon as COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Holderness Family made parodies and skits about various aspects of life under lockdown. Some popular videos included a Hamilton medley about wearing masks; an “It’s Vaccination Day” Frozen parody; and a homeschooling rap; all designed to bring laughter and smiles during a difficult period for humanity. They wanted people to enjoy laughing through difficult times by giving people something lighthearted to enjoy during difficult moments in time of crisis. The family intended this endeavor in making people laugh during an otherwise distressful period by making videos that would bring light relief while making people laugh out during difficult situations – but said their intent was “making people laugh or at least make people smile during difficult moments.”


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However, not everyone found their videos humorous or acceptable; some viewers accused the family of being insensitive and privileged for making light of a serious situation that affected millions. Furthermore, viewers pointed out that some videos failed to comply with social distancing guidelines or featured improper mask wearers in some episodes.

Marriage Advice Podcast

In 2021, the Holderness Family launched their own podcast entitled the “Holderness Family Podcast”, where they discussed personal issues and mental health with fun topics such as marriage advice that they claimed helped improve communication and their relationship. One such episode featured one controversial piece of advice they claimed helped improve it: holding weekly meetings during which each partner would rate each other from 1-10 on topics like parenting, intimacy and chores – so-called a 1-10 rating system was adopted for rating each other on these areas of engagement.

The podcast episode generated many strong responses from listeners who expressed various viewpoints on whether the advice given by this family was helpful or harmful for them and their relationships. Some listeners commended them for being candid about their marital struggles and challenges; these same listeners found the advice helpful and practical for their own relationships. Meanwhile, others found them harsh or judgmental in nature – some finding it offensive and damaging to self-esteem or trust issues.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Who are th Holderness Family?

A: The Holderness Family are American internet personalities best known for their popular YouTube and Facebook channels. Known for creating family-centric parodies and skits that have amassed over 5 million subscribers and 1 billion views combined, their popularity is immense and continues to increase with each passing day.

Q: What have they done?

A: Over the years, The Holderness Family have faced some controversies and scandals due to some of their videos and podcasts, such as:

– They created a parody of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with modified lyrics to be more respectful and consensual; additionally they released “Welcome to Me Too”, an original song about sexual harassment that recounts their own personal experiences as journalists.
– An episodic series about COVID-19 lockdowns that poked fun at various aspects of life under quarantine.
– A podcast episode in which they shared some of their most controversial marriage advice by rating each other from 1-10 on various categories.

Q: Why are these topics controversial?

A: The Holderness Family are contentious due to varying opinions of viewers and listeners about whether their videos and podcasts are funny or offensive, helpful or harmful, honest or exploitative. Some may appreciate their humor and candor while others consider them insensitive and exclusive.

Q: Are they still making videos?

A: Yes, the Holderness Family are still making videos on both Facebook and YouTube channels as well as various platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Spotify.

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