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The Onika Burger Phenomenon: Twitter, Memes, and the Story Behind the Trend



Twitter has long been known as an arena for drama, controversy and viral content creation. A recent viral trend that has captured users’ interest is the “Onika Burger” meme. Many users have wondered who Onika Burger is and why her name has taken off so quickly. This article will investigate its roots as well as what exactly “Onika Burger” stands for.

What Does “Onika Burger” Denote?

The Onika Burger Phenomenon

“Onika Burger,” also referred to as “She=Onika Ate=Burgers,” refers to a Nicki Minaj meme created on Twitter by user @sexxtbook who claimed that Nicki, real name Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, consumes too many burgers making her overweight – this comment was in response to another user’s tweet of North West drawing a picture of Kris Jenner for another user who tweeted her.

Birth of Onika Burger Meme

What does Onika burgers mean? | Gossipheadlines

The Onika Burger meme quickly rose to popularity following a tweet by Pop Base, a pop culture reporter. On February 14th 2023, Pop Base shared a photo of North West’s sketch of Kris Jenner by North West which quickly went viral; many users complimented North’s talent and one particularly notable user commented, writing, “Why she ate,” commending North. Seizing upon this opportunity @sexxtbook brought Nicki Minaj into the dialogue by tweeting their now infamous message: “she=onika ate=burger.” This tweet quickly caused an explosion of memes across Stan Twitter accounts as people started sharing similar versions of Onika Burger memes throughout Twitter communities around the web.

Deciphering the “Onika Burger’s Meaning”

However, its true meaning remains uncertain to some. The Onika Burger meme began after Pop Base posted North West’s drawing of Kris Jenner by Pop Base on Twitter, prompting people to comment that North was drawing of Kris Jenner correctly and was asked why she ate something else instead of only eating burgers like Onika Minaj does (her birth name being Onika Minaj). A Twitter user took this opportunity to express their dislike of Nicki Minaj by writing, “she=Onika=Burger.” Here “Onika” refers to her birth name which implies she only ever consumes them when trying to body shame her by suggesting she only consumes them as opposed to her regular eating of course!


The Onika Burger phenomenon illustrates how quickly viral trends can emerge on Twitter, even from seemingly disparate content. What began as an innocent tweet about North West drawing her grandmother quickly mushroomed into an internet meme that both targeted and engaged both Nicki Minaj fans and critics alike. Although “Onika Burger” may have begun as derogatory commentary, its widespread usage online has turned it into an ongoing conversation about body-shaming culture, online culture, and female power dynamics.

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