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The powerful version of ‘Patali Kamaria Mori’ is going viral, Girl’s Hilarious Dance Receives Over 17 Million Views



It’s about those days when social media was unknown to people. Nowadays, it has become an integral part of people’s lives, making it difficult for them to survive without it. Instagram has become the latest craze, where different types of reels and videos often go viral, ranging from funny videos to dances and songs. Recently, a hilarious dance video has gone viral on social media, leaving viewers with an aching stomach from too much laughter.

A Bhojpuri song called β€˜Patali Kamaria Mori’ has become a sensation on Instagram. The video that has gone viral is based on this song. In the video, a girl dances to the track with great confidence, despite being quite overweight with a far-from-slim waist. However, people have started trolling her for her appearance.

Watch the hilarious dance video of the girl below

The video was shared on Instagram by an account called mus_ra1 and has received more than 17 million views and 400k likes.

People have made various funny comments after watching the video. One user joked, ‘Ye to patli kamar ka ulta hai’, while another wrote, ‘Never seen such a thin waist before’. Another user wrote, ‘Where’s the thin waist?’, while yet another wrote, ‘Whatever, love the girl’s confidence.’

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