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This allegation is against Johnny Depp: that actress Ellen Barkin was drugged before sex



Recently, Johnny Depp’s ongoing defamation case with ex-wife Amber Heard came to an end, but new unsealed documents have surfaced. It has been revealed that Depp drugged Ellen Birkin before having sex with her. According to the documents, Depp drank too much red wine and took Quaalude for the first time.

Ellen Birkin Accuses Johnny Depp of Sexual Abuse with Drugs

Ellen Barkin and Johny Deep

Ellen Barkin and Johny Deep

More than 6,000 documents related to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard appeared in court, revealing sensational facts. Ellen Birkin, Depp’s ex-girlfriend, testified in a defamation lawsuit, claiming Depp was always drunk and violent towards her. “Johnny was often drunk and jealous of people,” Birkin said in a statement. “He always asked me where are you going? who are you going with? what did you do last night? Moreover, he also accused me of betrayal.”

Ellen Birkin Testifies to Johnny Depp’s Bad Behavior

Birkin added, “He may be handsome, but he’s a man who swears. When Johnny Depp and I first had a relationship, the actor gave me Quaalude, which was a drug. Both were dating each other in the 90s.Here, Johnny Depp gave me a Quaalude and then asked if I wanted a romantic relationship with him. Ellen Birkin called Johnny Depp an alcoholic and said he was violent. Depp treated his subordinates badly and always insulted them.”

Johnny Depp Struggles with Erectile Dysfunction

Hollywood actress Amber Heard’s lawyers made various demands just a few days ago. Heard’s lawyers even claimed that Johnny Depp was impotent and suffered from erectile dysfunction, causing him to become violent with Heard. Depp treated it, and documents have been produced in court as proof.

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