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Through Bhat, BJP eases Kumaon-Garwal equation with Brahmin | Kaushik May Secure a Cabinet Position



Through Bhat, BJP eases Kumaon-Garwal equation with Brahmin

Bharatiya Janata Party Has Appointed Mahendra Bhatt As the New State President of Uttarakhand

On Saturday, the Bharatiya Janata Party of Uttarakhand revealed its new state president. Mahendra Bhatt was selected from among former Badrinath MLAs putting any speculation to rest and hoping to appease Garhwal discontent while strengthening ties between Brahmins and Garhwalis.

Bhatt’s appointment also coincided with plans to include Kausish Dhami Cabinet member Kausish as part of an expanded cabinet soon enough.

Bhatt has held multiple posts and been elected twice as an MLA. Talks regarding his new leadership began following his meeting with party national president JP Nadda on Wednesday in Delhi, with hopes that Bhatt’s appointment can ease concerns of Garhwal leaders who have felt neglected by party leadership; additionally, the BJP hopes to build bridges with Brahmin communities given that current CM Dhami Thakur hails from Kumaon region.

Kaushik Could Join Cabinet as Part of New President’s Appointment

Through Bhat, BJP eases Kumaon-Garwal equation with Brahmin

Madan Kaushik may receive a cabinet seat following the appointment of a new party president. Kaushik previously served in Trivendra Singh Rawat’s government as a minister, so his inclusion may help achieve balance within the party.

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