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Tim Henson’s Tattoos: An Introduction to Polyphia Guitarist Tim Henson’s Ink



Tim Henson is an American guitarist and member of metal rock band Polyphia, known for his impressive guitar skills and unique tattoo designs that cover his chest, neck, arms, belly and hands. We will explore here some of his more prominent tattoos along with their meaning and design.

Tim has one of the most striking tattoos around:

An intricate dragon head on his chest- This black and gray dragon features scales, horns, sharp teeth and its mouth open with tongue sticking out – this tattoo covers most of Tim’s chest and extends up his shoulders.

Tim’s tattoo may symbolize his passion for rock music as dragons are commonly associated with power, strength and fierceness. Or it could represent his creativity and commitment to his craft as these mysterious beasts invoke wonder and amazement.

Tim’s neck tattoo is truly eye-catching. The geometric design resembles either a flower or star and contains six petals or points filled with black ink; further embellished by dots and lines to add detail.

Tim’s tattoo remains mysterious in meaning; however, it could symbolize either his spirituality or connection to nature; alternatively it could represent something personal with special significance for him.

Tim has many tattoos on both arms, such as words, symbols and images.

Some of his arm tattoos include:

– He tattooed “Polyphia” onto his right forearm to represent the name of his instrumental progressive rock band that he formed with Scott LePage, Clay Gober and Clay Aeschliman in 2010. Since its formation, Polyphia has released several albums and EPs including Muse, Renaissance and The Most Hated.
Polyphia tattooed the word “Inspire” on his left forearm as the title of their first EP released in 2013. This release includes six songs that showcase Polyphia’s distinct blend of metal, jazz and electronic elements into their music.

– He wears a cross on his right wrist as a religious or personal reminder of his faith or values, while on the left wrist is an open heart, perhaps as a token of love or affection for someone or something special in his life.
– He may wear a skull on his right hand as a symbol of death or mortality, or perhaps to express his rebellious or edgy personality.

On his left hand is an elegant rose as an expression of beauty or romance or to contrast against the skull on his other hand.

Tim also sports a tattoo on his belly which reads, “Landon”. This is his middle name shared with his father; and is written out using cursive font with stars surrounding it.

Tattoos may serve as a tribute to his father or family, or serve to commemorate and preserve heritage or identity.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: Does Tim Henson Have Tattoos?

A: Tim Henson has yet to disclose exactly how many tattoos he carries; however, from what has been posted online thus far he appears to have at least 10 ink pieces covering various parts of his body.

Q: When did Tim Henson get his first tattoo?

A: Tim Henson has not revealed when or where he got his first tattoo; however, we suspect it occurred between the late teens and early twenties when he began performing music professionally.

Q: Who is Tim Henson’s tattoo artist?

Tim Henson has not stated who his tattoo artist is; however, his tattoo shop, offers custom tattoo designs. Additionally, Henson posts some of his work to Instagram at @timhensontattoos to share his portfolio.

Q: Is Tim Henson Dating Anyone

A: Tim Henson remains very private when it comes to his personal life and does not reveal much information regarding his relationship status or romantic connections. There have been reports that he may have had a brief romance with Angelica Paris – a non-celebrity who appeared in some of Tim Henson’s photos and videos but it remains unknown if the two are still together or not.

Q: Is Tim Henson gay?

A: Tim Henson has not made any public statements regarding his sexuality or orientation; however, he has expressed support for LGBTQ+ communities on social media by posting photos in June 2021 wearing rainbow flag t-shirts with captions such as “Happy Pride Month”.

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