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Tragic Murder Of Aspiring Rapper Notti Osama: The Untold Story



Notti Osama was an aspiring rapper from Yonkers, New York who was murdered after being fatally stabbed on a Harlem subway platform on July 9, 2022. His real name was Ethan Reyes and recently relocated with his family from Harlem to Yonkers. Under his stage name “Notti Osama”, Ethan had released some tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud that have become popular music videos on these platforms.

Harlem Feud Leads to Tragic Stabbing Incident

Notti Osama

Notti Osama

Kelvin Martinez, 15, who resided in Harlem and had an ongoing feud with Reyes over music, killed Reyes by stabbing him with a knife stabbed him after Reyes hit him with a broom handle at a subway station. Martinez himself was injured during this fight and taken by his mother to a hospital before eventually turning him over to authorities.

Martinez was initially charged with first-degree manslaughter; however, these charges were eventually dropped by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in October 2022 due to insufficient evidence against Martinez proving he used his knife against Reyes for self-defence based on witness interviews and video surveillance.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q-What was the motive behind the killing?

Reyes and Martinez had an ongoing disagreement regarding music that led them to assault each other regularly in the weeks prior to Reyes’ killing. As for motive, sources reported that both had engaged in violent behavior towards one another prior to stabbing.

Q-Where did the killing take place?

A-The killing took place at the 137th Street-City College subway station located along Harlem’s 1 train line in Manhattan.

Q-When did the killing take place?

A-On July 9, 2022 at approximately 3 p.m.2, a murder took place.

Q-How has the police identified the killer?

A-Police were able to identify the perpetrator of this killing using footage captured from MTA security cameras that showed all those present at the scene, including any potential suspects.

Q-What happened to the culprit after they stabed?

A-Killer ran from scene, being taken by his mother to hospital and later brought before detectives for questioning. Later that month he was charged with first-degree manslaughter but all charges were dropped in October 2022 by prosecutors.

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