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Viral Kohli’s Instagram Story Praising Rahul Gandhi Is Fake? | Latest Updates



Social media users were quick to share screenshots from an alleged Instagram story by Indian cricketer Virat Kohli that contained photos and words of praise directed towards Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and contained over 120 seats for Congress in Karnataka elections, and this led them to share it publicly on social media platforms like Twitter. For further insights into these developments, continue reading below.

Fake Kohli Instagram story that went viral and praised Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi thanked the people of Karnataka following Congress party’s overwhelming win in Karnataka Assembly Elections and pledged to fulfill party’s five guarantees in his first cabinet meeting. Virat Kohli, former captain of Indian cricket team also offered his congratulations for Rahul’s success – not solely related to cricket but for other reasons as well.

Virat has made headlines recently due to his social media activity which includes sharing a photo congratulating Rahul on winning elections there in Karnataka elections with others showing him doing just this and more recently by making an Instagram story which went viral online showing him offering his best wishes and wishes for Rahul’s success on his Karnataka election victory.

Additionally, this victory has also been linked to the ongoing feud between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir. Kohli gained widespread media coverage after posting a social media story that read, “Rahul Gandhi Is The Leader!” However, upon further investigation it was discovered that this account is completely falsified and edited by an unknown user.

Even so, numerous responses are pouring in regarding a fake Instagram story that’s currently making the rounds on social media. One Twitter user tweeted about Gautam Gambhir owing an apology to Virat Kohli or else pay dearly in Loksabha elections; otherwise he should leave BJP or even lose seats altogether.

One Twitter user posted: “Virat Kohli posted Rahul Gandhi’s status to his Instagram and his devotees are already abusing and criticizing Viral Kohli,” while another user speculated: “Virat Kohli put Rahul Gandhi’s status up today on his Instagram and his devotees will begin abusing and criticizing Viral Kohli today.

” Another Twitter user pointed out: “BJP threatens Karnataka pride by placing Virat Kohli alongside Gautam Gambhir – someone from Karnataka will teach them both a lesson come May 13.”

Real Account of Virat Kohli Instagram


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At present, an edited Instagram story claiming that cricketer Sachin Tendulkar congratulated Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on their potential win in Karnataka assembly elections is being shared online and social media. Unfortunately, it has become clear that all this is an elaborate hoax.

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