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What Are the Facts Behind Dreamybull’s Arrest Rumors?



Social media has rapidly evolved into a source of news and gossip. Recently, internet buzzed with news of Dreamybull’s arrest – sparking much curiosity among netizens as they sought details. This article seeks to unearth the truth behind these allegations as well as shed light on Dreamybull’s past.

Dreamybull Is Reported Arrested

Dreamybull Is Reported Arrested

After an iconic video featuring Dreamybull went viral, speculation about his arrest quickly followed on social media. Millions have seen this clip, leading many to assume he has been arrested; however, this information is untrue – Dreamybull has not been arrested and ongoing rumors surrounding him aren’t based on any credible news sources.

Dreamybull Has Had A Brush With the Law

Dreamybull Has Had A Brush With the Law

Unfortunately, Dreamybull has had some run-ins with the law in his past. In 2014 he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft while serving as an adolescent pastor at Kingdom Center in Charlotte. Additionally he was accused of stealing a phone from Rent-A-Center Salisbury.

Dreamybull’s Rise to Fame

Despite his past, Dreamybull has quickly found success through TikTok and YouTube. He is well-known for his comedy videos featuring Ambatukam Omaygot as well as skits with exaggerated reactions accompanied by sound effects and humorous captions, with an O-face often featured prominently within them. Dreamybull memes also frequently include him, often including exaggerated expressions with sound effects accompanying them and humorous captions to boot.


According to reports of Dreamybull’s arrest, these reports are false. While he may have had run-ins with law in the past, he has since gone viral through TikTok and Youtube content he posts online. As social media remains an avenue of dissemination of news and rumors, it is imperative that users verify information before spreading falsehoods on these platforms.

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