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What Happened To Anthony Thorpe? Jeffery L. Thorpe Charged With Reckless Homicide | Latest Updates



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Anthony Thorpe’s Father Charged with Murder

On 6 November 2021, two-year-old Anthony Thorpe died due to gunshot wounds to the head, with his father Jeffery L. Thorpe charged with negligence and homicide in relation to this tragedy.

Anthony Thorpe’s Father Charged with Murder | Gossipheadlines

What Happened to Anthony Thorpe?

Anthony Thorpe was the son of Jeffery L. Thorpe and Aaliyah Scales. According to investigations, Anthony took out his gun and accidentally shot himself, leading to his untimely demise without his father present at the time of incident.

What Happened to Anthony Thorpe? | Gossipheadlines

Charges Against Jeffery L. Thorpe

At first, some media sources incorrectly reported that Jeffery L. Thorpe had been charged with child neglect; however, after further review it was discovered that the charges against him were for other offenses; specifically he was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant and running away from it.

Charges Against Jeffery L. Thorpe

Jeffery L. Thorpe Arrest

Jeffery L. Thorpe was arrested by authorities on Wednesday 3rd May for assault. After fleeing from the scene in his vehicle, authorities tracked it down and arrested him as it made its way back into Downtown Detention Center where it is currently imprisoned awaiting trial.

Justice for Anthony Thorpe

Anthony Thorpe’s family and loved ones are seeking justice for his untimely passing at only two years old.

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