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What Happened to Gigi De Lana? Singer Collapses During Gig, Band Involved in Car Accident



Gigi De Lana

Gigi De Lana

Update on Gigi De Lana Car Accident

On May 14, 2023, Gigi De Lana and her band members from GG Vibes were involved in a car accident, leaving their fans shocked and concerned. Unfortunately, fans remained unaware of their injuries or health conditions up until now – however thanks to research conducted through reports, updates regarding this accident are now available and essential updates regarding it have been obtained as well as all important aspects related to it being covered here in detail.

Update on Gigi De Lana Current Health Status

Accident occurred while traveling from Aurora to Ilocos Norte. On May 14, 2023 at around 10:20 am, all members were taken to the hospital for medical attention – this included band members Gigi, Mela, Oyus, Jon, as well as four crew members of GG Vibes who sustained minor injuries from this mishap.

Gigi De Lana herself announced the accident via social media platforms such as Instagram and posted pictures of their van being damaged during the collision.

Gigi De Lana injured in an automobile accident

Gigi De Lana accident

Gigi De Lana accident

Attributed to this accident are no serious injuries for any band members; all issues related to it have now been resolved and medical treatment received; clearance from medical facility after treatment received before being released back into work as usual. Gigi wishes to extend her gratitude and thanks San Fernando La Union’s LGU, LUPPO and Mr Erickson Dinglasan for their support during this incident.

Gigi De Lana injured

Gigi De Lana injured

Reports indicate that after an accident occurred during her performance at Himala Sa Buhangin event in Ilocos Norte, Gigi fainted while performing. To her immediate aid were quickly dispatched team and First-Aid responders as well as First Responders from local First-Aid responders; she continued her performance but apologized for not finishing it all.

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc recognized GG Vibes and Gigi De Lana for their strength and perseverance at Himala Sa Buhangin Arts and Music Festival Day 2. They performed four songs to leave audiences cheering loudly at Himala Sa Buhangin Arts and Music Festival Day 2; audience response was warmly received from all guests in attendance.

Overall, it is comforting that all members of the band are safe and sound; we wish them a speedy recovery.

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