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What Happened To Jordan Neely? Shocking video shows NYC Subway Passenger Death And Obituary | Latest Updates



What Happened To Jordan Neely

This article details an incident on the Manhattan subway train bound for Broadway LaFayette station in NoHo. A fight in the train resulted in Jordan Neely, 30, passing away, sending shockwaves through his family and sending shockwaves through social media platforms; his fight was captured on video footage which has since gone viral and shared via various social platforms, exacerbating this news story even more.

The Suspect in Custody

The Suspect in Custody | Gossipheadlines

A suspect was taken into police custody for questioning and has yet to be charged with anything; an investigation is currently underway to bring justice for this tragic event, in which Neely died at such an early age and left many puzzled as to why and how this fight occurred; netizens are eagerly searching for more details of this event and want answers as to its occurrence.

Who Was Jordan Neely?

Who Was Jordan Neely? | Gossipheadlines

Jordan Neely was an impersonator of Michael Jackson with an extensive criminal history. Since taking up impersonating Jackson as his profession in November 2021, he had been homeless. Though Jordan may have had his issues, his death at such an early age will certainly be mourned and remembered fondly; both his parents were named Andre Zachery and Christie Neely respectively.

Details of the Fight

Details of the Fight | Gossipheadlines

Reports indicate that Neely and Jordan, a 24-year-old former U.S. Marine Corps veteran, began an altercation when Neely threw some garbage at passengers. As soon as this escalated into physical fighting, Jordan grabbed Neely in a chokehold which caused his untimely demise and led him to Lenox Hill Hospital where he passed away from shock-related complications; due to mental health-related issues suffered by Jordan that may have contributed to this fight’s escalation; leaving many sad and shocked at its aftermath. Watching this fight video has left people devastated and in disbearment as people mourn its aftermath.


This incident serves as a painful reminder of the risks presented by public transportation, and how an argument can quickly turn deadly. We express our deepest sympathies to Jordan Neely’s family in their loss, while hoping that this incident raises awareness of mental health issues and urges individuals seeking assistance when needed. May his soul rest in peace.

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