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What Happened To Ken Roczen? Motorcycle Racer Injured in Crash



Ken Roczen, a German professional motocross and supercross racer has become widely known since news of his injury surfaced. Although Ken’s racing resume includes wins at competitions like Motocross des Nations, Monster Energy Cup and AMA Motocross Championships; due to an injury he was forced to withdraw from competing at 450SX main event.

Ken Roczen Has Been Injured: Here Are Details on His Treatment

Ken Roczen accident

Ken Roczen accident

Ken was involved in an awful leg injury during the 2023 AMA Supercross season at Salt Lake City during the opening stages of the 450 main. Video of this incident shows Ken in excruciating pain as he pulled himself off the track quickly to head straight for the pits; on air he stated his left knee had become hyperextended; although initially planned on continuing racing due to this intense discomfort; ultimately it forced him out and forced him into retirement.

Ken Roczen

Ken Roczen

Ken Roczen Injuries

Ken Roczen, reigning AMA Motocross champion, reported feeling knee pain for the first time ever and wasn’t sure what was causing it. Rumors indicate he will undergo further evaluation to ascertain the severity of his injury; Ken’s fans await updates regarding his health and recovery process.

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