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What Happened To Rufus? Coronation Street Character Death Scene Fans Were Divided



Coronation Street Viewers Predict Rufus Death Twist

Fans of ITV’s Coronation Street are expecting that an innocent character will be accused of murder following Rufus Donohue’s demise, seen here with an unknown visitor shortly before being found in his swimming pool dead on Wednesday night’s episode.

Details of Rufus’s Death

What Happened To Rufus

What Happened To Rufus

Details of Rufus’s Death Rufus had been engaged in a dispute with Stephen Reid over profits from the Nipper napper deal, with Michael Bailey creating further trouble by turning down Stephen’s job offer and accepting Rufus’s instead.

This resulted in Rufus taking Michael Bailey under his wing despite having already accepted another job offer from Rufus himself.

Possible Suspects

What Happened To Rufus

What Happened To Rufus

Michael later arrived at Rufus’ house to see him but found him dead instead. Although viewers weren’t there to witness or know the cause of Rufus’ death, many already suspect Stephen to be responsible.

Possible Suspects Not all viewers believe Stephen will be held responsible; some speculate that Paul Foreman could be falsely charged with murder for stealing Rufus’ car and then abandoning it in the middle of nowhere. Paul recently turned to crime in order to pay for Gemma Winter’s wedding to Chesney Brown.


While the circumstances surrounding Rufus’s death remain unknown, fans of Coronation Street are already trying to predict its outcome. Multiple characters could potentially be responsible for his murder; only time will tell who will ultimately be proven accountable.

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