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What Is BTS Haters Called? Unraveling the Controversy



What Is BTS Haters Called?

What Is BTS Haters Called?

What Is BTS Haters: BTS Jungkook’s Fearless Response to Haters

BTS boasts an enormous fan base, yet they also attract their fair share of detractors. Recently, Jungkook was targeted by one such critic during a live chat on Instagram; she told him to go eat dog shit if he was bored! In response, Jungkook fired back with an arguable response: He would rather shrink into something closer to that of Shih Tzu than Choco Pie!

What Is BTS Haters Called?

Even amid negativity, BTS fans – known as the BTS Army – were delighted by Jungkook’s response. One fan praised his spontaneity and clever comeback while another highlighted how silly some fans can be for following someone they dislike; another hindu-speaking fan even exclaimed in delight: “Jungkook Ki Savage Reply Wah!” while offering him well wishes in recovery from COVID-19 which he had recently passed.

What Is BTS Haters Called?

Though haters will always exist, BTS and its fans continue to rise above them all. Jungkook even addressed these critics during a concert and declared his dismissive response by declaring “So What?” The response further proves he will not allow negativity affect him in any way.


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Jungkook’s response to his Instagram hater was an enormous win for himself and the BTS Army. Even in the face of criticism and hatred, they continue to support each other and spread positivity despite this opposition. We can’t wait to see what else Jungkook and BTS will achieve next!

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