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Where was Lucas Rosales last seen? 7-Year-Old Boy Found Dead In Dayton, Ohio Water





 7-Year-Old Lucas Rosales Goes Missing

Lucas Rosales, a 7-year old boy, went missing during a fishing trip at Eastwood MetroPark and has garnered the interest of netizens who have since searched online for any details that might help locate him.

Where was Lucas Rosales Last Seen?

Lucas Rosales Last Seen

Lucas Rosales Last Seen

Authorities launched extensive search-and-rescue efforts, yet Lucas Rosales eluded their efforts for nearly two weeks. On Saturday afternoon near Downtown Dayton, authorities located his body. Later on Sunday, Montgomery County Coroner’s Office verified it as his.

Rosales was last seen at 6.48pm wearing black pants with a white shirt and black sleeves. She also wore black Converse shoes.

Mourning Lucas Rosales’ Demise

Lucas Rosales

Lucas Rosales

Lucas Rosales’ disappearance serves as a somber reminder of the risks involved with outdoor activities. Unfortunately, all searches and investigations were unable to save him, leaving his family to grieve in this tragedy. We have used several sources to bring you the full details of this news story. We will keep you updated if more information becomes available.

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