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Who Is Gregg Pettigrew? 7De Laan Actor Arrested, Charges Explained



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News of a 7De Laan cast member being arrested sent shockwaves through its dedicated fanbase. Though many questions still remain unanswered, it has been confirmed that one member has been charged with murder. Here in this article we examine every detail surrounding this shocking tale to give you all of the information you require about this shocking event.

Gregg Pettigrew 7De Laan Actor Arrested?

7de laan


Since news of his arrest broke, there has been considerable speculation regarding who had been arrested in relation to 7De Laan actor Arvin Singh. Reports claim he is charged with murdering his boyfriend; though his identity has yet to be fully established; reports state he wasn’t currently part of cast; due to this development, fans of 7De Laan have expressed considerable anxiety regarding its future.

50-Year-Old 7De Laan Cast Arrested in U.K



According to reports, an accused is currently under arrest and receiving treatment in a hospital following their apparent attempt at self-harm. Their partner was later discovered dead from gunshot wounds; according to Barbara Anne Ferreira’s video posted online communication officer stated in this video, that suspect was detained after taking sleeping pills.

Are You Thinking Kobus Kleynhans of 7De Laan Has Been Arrested



At this time, authorities have not officially identified either of the accused or victim; however, it has been confirmed that the suspect is a 50-year-old male and his 29-year-old girlfriend was his victim. These tragic events have shaken 7De Laan cast and crew, with its public relations manager assuring viewers that the accused does not currently form part of its cast or crew.The show’s production house has extended their condolences to the family of the victim while waiting for further details from police. As this incident progresses, more information may become clear.

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