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Who Is Henyathegenius on Twitch? Age, Real Name, Face Reveals & More



Who Is Henyathegenius on Twitch

Who Is Henyathegenius on Twitch

Entertainment online platforms like Youtube, TikTok and Instagram have taken over the world by storm. One platform that truly stands out is Twitch; typically used by gamers for entertainment and audience engagement purposes. Due to VTubers gaining huge followings on Twitch this platform has only grown more popular.

VShojo, one of many talent agencies dedicated to virtual entertainers like VTubers has recently made waves within this industry by unveiling Henya the Genius on Saturday May 13th 2023 as their second original VTuber talent agency debut.

Meet Henyathegenius on Twitch

Henya the Genius is VShojo’s second original VTuber, following in Amemiya Nazuna’s introduction as part of VShojo NEXT in July 2022. Her inclusion signalled an unusual departure from its usual practice of signing independent VTubers; Henya has yet to declare whether she plans on joining either branch, though some speculate she could join English speaking VShojo due to her English tweets.

Follow Henya The Genius on Twitch at [HENYaTheGenie]

henyathegenius Clips - Twitch

Henya’s debut was preceded by animated teasers inspired by popular shows like The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory, giving audiences an idea of who she was and her background and personality. Her interaction with Zentreya via Twitter added even further excitement surrounding her debut; during their initial tweet exchange she wrote, “Since no one knows my Twitter account yet, can I state anything right now??”

VShojo has had a rough month since Henya made her debut, due to some of its star streamers leaving due to not renewing their contracts. Veibae and Silvervale made their announcement on April 26th 2023 while Nyanners announced her departure a few days later on May 1st 2023; both went on to join Mythic Talent Agency.

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